Undercover camera exposes the hate taught to Muslim children. A Must Watch!!

update to post in italics below

Who or what is deleting YouTube videos that portray the barbarians invading Europe in a bad light? Maybe it is wealthy Westerners such as Soros. Some folks consider Soros as being a tyrannical elite-class traitor to the West. If that is true he or other ultra-rich traitors could easily afford to pay off You Tube to delete videos that make the invaders they love look bad. It is also possible they did not. Somebody knows.

I am leaving this post with the non-playing gone video here to act as a reminder to all patriots that the elite-owned media and other corporate ventures bombard us with propaganda and also fail to mention news and reality that make their agendas look bad.

Bare Naked Islam

Creeping Sharia

Religion of Peace

Any Western country allowing Moslems to enter is making a possible fatal error. There IS a culture war underway and the enemy must not be allowed to enter the West.

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