Alliance for Separation of School and State Home

Alliance for Separation of School and State Home

State schooling took root in the mid-1800s. By 1865, the Wisconsin Teachers Association was insisting (along with many others) that “children are the property of the state.”

Independent educators and parents have fought a long, hard battle to maintain their freedom. Their efforts have paid big dividends – not only for themselves, but for the many people today who find their children hurt and poorly served by state schools.

Our goal is to serve as a beacon of education and hope. We’ll help you understand not only why we face a crisis in education, but what you can do about it. You have options today! Independence is a choice you can make now!


Public schools from Kindergarten up to college/university are brainwashing/indoctrinating USA youth. The amount of propaganda at individual schools vary. Schools also reinforce socioeconomic class positioning. When I taught at the K-12 level as a roaming substitute teacher I constantly witnesses the students in poor blue-collar working-poor towns treated/taught in a manner that their future was assured… to remain serfs/pawns of the upper classes.

Then at the schools in the states’ wealthiest town and school district the students were coddled and treated with deference of the type a commoner bestows upon the royalty of  kingdom. There was a huge very noticeable difference between the lower class schools and the schools where the upper classes send their kids. Three years of that BS was enough so I departed the corrupt K-12 indoctrination system permanently.

Get the government out of education!!! The individual must have the choice on how their kids are to be indoctrinated. That is what acculturation is about; indoctrination. K-12 education is also a HUGE waste of money. This topic is extremely complicated and the Web is full of places where better minds than mine discuss what needs to be done. Good luck. USA elite-class filth have dictated for too long how USA youth are to be indoctrinated. It is time for the masses of common folks to decide what is best for us, not some mega-rich power-hungry scum isolated from the realities we confront daily.

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