Saudi Arabia is a Cancer on the World

Know your enemies. Islam has infected many cultures. Do not allow that so-called “religion” invade the West. Islam is a way of life, of governance, of so much more than just a religion.

The Moslems invading Western countries carry many different cultures with them and none of them have created a society or country that the normal typical Westerner would want to live in. The West must defend itself from Islam and the invading cultures. Erect barriers of every needed type to keep barbarians from invading the West. Root out the traitors within Western lands that have assisted the invasion.

Failure to save our way of life dooms our descendants to a life of misery and subservience to loathsome barbarian filth and the tyrannical overlords desiring a West with a majority of serfs forced to obey their masters.

Is Soros and his cohorts and their lackeys part of the problem? If so, why hasn’t NATO, that is supposed to defend Europe, attested them and brought them in front of military tribunals to determine any possible trace of treason against the masses of good, decent folks of the West?

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