Beautiful European Culture – Be proud of being white!

People of the West… evil tyrants with greedy desires are forcing barbarians upon us!!! All Western countries/cultures/societies are under attack by extremely powerful forces.

This is an incredibly complicated topic that makes it hard for the huge mass of common folks to fight back against our attackers. Sadly, the tyrants have the wealth to hire a huge army of lackeys to do their evil deeds. Many of those lackeys are unaware that they are assisting tyrants. We MUST inform all the billion or so Western common folks of what IS occurring.

We ARE in a war of cultural/societal/national survival. If we lose I fear a new Dark Age will descend upon us leaving those evil tyrants and their systems of command and control lording over us.

At the video click the “show more” tab to read more of what the video creator has to tell us.

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