He said he punched a woman for calling him the n-word. A jury called it murder


An Alexandria jury recommends that Robert Coleman, 27, serve 10 years after his conviction in the killing of Fedelia Montiel-Benitez, 39.

He said he punched a woman for calling him the n-word. A jury called it murder. – The Washington Post


Read the comments following the news story to understand how the USA must fall eventually because truly it is a “house divided.” I fear some to much of the USA is no longer a We, the People country due to a ruling elite class and their politician lackeys purposefully making the USA a morass of competing ethnicities, races, sub-cultures, religions and other groupings of folks constantly bickering and at odds with each other.

Divide and conquer is a time-tested tactic for defeating an enemy. Diversity and multiculturalism is the latest version of divide/conquer. The common folks of the USA were once an enemy of tyranny but no longer. The tyrants lording over the USA have the upper hand now. Read the USA news and commentaries to see how ripe the USA is for tyrants to use their immense wealth and power via the corporate structure and their stranglehold over much of government actions.

I fear a future akin to the Dark Age of old with a serf-like existence under the total command of the tyrants working through their beloved modern ruling class. The elite-owned media is an effective indoctrination system, the finest the world has ever known. Toss in the K-12 educational system scam and USA residents are primed to obey their overlords.

This subject is extremely complicated and impossible to cover here. Educate yourself you free-thinking patriots who are sadly a minority within the herd of complacent bleating sheep. Is the USA the Founders created doomed if actions are not taken? What are the needed actions? Better minds than mine are needed here. Spread the warning as Paul Revere did long ago.

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