Caravan Releases List of DEMANDS And Expects Trump To Comply

‘Open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of countries where we are and/or travel.’

Caravan Releases List of DEMANDS And Expects Trump To Comply » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

When barbarians are at the gate call upon the nation’s warriors to repel the invaders.

The invaders know of the many taxpayer-paid freebies awaiting them. Have a dozen bambinos and the taxpayers pay all medical costs for the life of the spawn. Free food and free housing and millions of fellow Hispanics/Latinos/Chicanos/etc to obtain employment from often “under the table” to stay on the welfare rolls.

There are so MANY negatives involved when allowing these “refugees” into the USA that the border must be an impenetrable wall to keep the barbarians out. Mexico allowing the rabble to march through their country is but one more bit of proof that Mexico hates the USA. Mexico constantly proves that it is an avowed enemy of the USA. The USA should treat Mexico for what it is… an enemy not deserving any assistance from the USA and any wrong move on Mexico’s part should be met with the full might of the USA armed forces with the scum filthy politicians lording over that country the primary targets.

Euro-Spaniards have subjugated the masses of Mexico since the invasion centuries ago. The unrelenting propaganda has convinced enough Mexico commoners that the overlords are to be obeyed and that the USA is the enemy. The USA should start its own propaganda campaign to enlighten the Mexico commoners and provide the revolutionaries with ample weaponry to oust the tyrants lording over them who are also spitting on the USA.



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