Hogg Hitler! The little dictator in the making

The tyrannical elite-class traitors may use the boy as a figurehead and supply the boy with a high-paying job in one of the thousands of corporations they own. The USA traitors hire an army of lackeys to assist with suppressing the freedoms of us masses of common folks.


If the scrawny smug-faced boy is unfamiliar to you he/it is one of the children selected by USA elite-owned media to be the voice/figurehead of students across the USA demanding what I believe to be is a safety that is impossible to obtain upon this planet.

Mentioned by many folks is how the children are drowning in emotions with logical, rational thought shunted aside. I have read and heard a few comments regarding where were these children massing in protest in regards to what some say are the eight deaths occurring every 24-hours due to people texting and driving? Others mention the large number of deaths from youth drinking/drugging and driving. Where is the huge outcry about those methods of dying.

What I and many others notice is how the elite-owned media and various groups and organizations across the USA and even outside the USA are promoting, assisting and funding the youth. Appears there are ulterior motives behind these student protests.

Why would wealthy elite-class folks and their lackeys want a disarmed American populace?














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