Parkland Student’s ‘Salute’ After Speech Causes Major Twitter Reaction

On Saturday, an enraged student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gave a fiery speech, and at its conclusion threw up a salute that ignited a firestorm on social media. Far-left activist David Hogg attacked Republicans

WATCH: Parkland Student’s ‘Salute’ After Speech Causes Major Twitter Reaction

Gestures have variable meanings. The raised clenched fist raised aloft can mean brotherhood when two military veterans exchange the gesture. When done the raised clenched fist is generally held in a vertical position but variations occur dependent upon circumstances.


Of course, the boys words speak volumes. I will interpret the boy’s gesture as one indicating solidarity among a group. The crazed mob referring to themselves as Antifa have been seen using that gesture along with the Che shirt wearing folks and the rag-tag motley crew proudly displaying the red Communist flag hearkening back to USSR days.

I wonder if the tyrannical elites class, their corporate entities and the upper-class and politicians beholden to the money-wielding tyrannical elites/entities will make the skinny wimpy kid their poster boy for the continuous attempts to disarm the USA masses? The task requires “baby steps.” A little bit of this and a little bit of that then LO!!! A servile mass of commoners helpless against the elite overlords enforcement arms.

On a side note: observe the diversity and multiculturalism in the boy’s high school. Then gaze across the USA and the ramifications to society and the USA as a whole deriving from the purposeful import of cultures, mores, religions, etc. from across the planet. That is a divide-and-conquer strategy assisting the efforts of tyrannical overlords to gain control over the masses of bickering quarreling common folks. A divided house can not stand!!! I believe my observations are not a conspiracy theory but an accurate view of the ongoing negative changes within the USA.

These are contentious times that cry out for a new set of Founders to unite and guide American patriots to fight the growing tyranny confronting We, the People. The original Founders told us via their writings how to confront the ugly, evil head of tyranny when it arises. Where are those quality folks of the Founder’s quality to save the USA from continuing towards an abyss of destruction that may never be altered.

Thank you for taking the time to read this essay. Please assist the growing number of patriots using the Web and real-life opportunities to counter the massive amount of propaganda spewed by the elite-owned media, tyrant-controlled public schooling and many other venues where an ultra-wealthy thus powerful tyrants can spread their greedy self-serving agendas into the minds of the masses. Their IS method behind their madness and looking at most parts of USA society their effectiveness is obvious. Fight the good fight, patriots. Critical times are confronting us.








Are the “refugees” being forces upon the citizens of the USA done to assist with a divide-and-conquer strategy to assist tyrannical elite-class objectives? Look across the Web at the many reports of entire USA cities being taken over by Islam… a “religion” that is:

Islam is far more than a mere “religion.” It is a way of government, of society, of conforming to the orders of imams and others whose lust for power compels them to lord over all people. Islam basically means “submission.”

Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

There are ample reports of entire towns converted to third-world conditions when a horde of barbaric Somali Moslems invade a town with outstretched hands grabbing every taxpayer-paid “gimmedat” that the horde can consume. Read the reports of various “refugees” or their spawn caught trying to assist or actually succeeding with assisting violent Islamic groups inside and outside the USA.

How about the output of elite-owned industries such as the entertainment, broadcasting, general “Hollywood” output and other venues where a mass of people can have propaganda poured upon them? Wait!!!! I am ending this essay…

The extreme complexity of USA affairs assists the elites whose extreme wealth and thus power and ownership of the “machines” that make society turn leaves us masses of common folks almost helpless to counter their tyranny.

Spread the word, patriots. We, the People are currently in a war of words to win hearts and minds. Our enemy has every advantage except one… we are on the side of right and I know if the Founders were to appear among us they would grab the torch of freedom to start the battle against the tyrants among us.

Do everything to defeat tyranny peacefully. Let the foes of freedom be the first to use force. Share our cause with all in law enforcement and the military.






















Peace is the superior condition!!! We, the People outnumber by far the tyrants spitting upon us. Let our words and voices be our weapons. Do all we can to win the current conflict forced upon us by the tyrannical overlords. Enlighten those who are “I am just doing my job” and are unaware they are merely a corporate cog spewing vast amounts of propaganda and indoctrination upon We, the People.

After three years of public school teaching I left in disgust. I refused to be a part of an indoctrination system filling youthful minds full of politically correct BS.

I keep adding on to this essay. STOP!!!

It is time for you to depart and do your part. May all that is good, honest and righteous accompany your and all our efforts.



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