Stop the Islamization of America — A Practical Guideline to the Resistance

Below is a comment left at the YouTube site where this video appears. Placed here to assist in spreading the message:

“The first thing you have to understand is that there are a number of forces operating here. On the one hand we are told that radicals are only a small percentage of Muslims and as Sadiq Khan says, we are expected to live with terrorism. Sorry Sadiq I don’t accept that. Just making the comments you make will get you a free trip out of the country.


Why do the radicals do what they do? Simple really it guarantees them a spot in Paradise with 72 virgins, who once deflowered, become virgins again. Not only does it guarantee them a spot in Paradise, it means that 70 of their immediate family have a much better chance to go to Paradise. That is why Muslim mothers say nothing about their martyred sons. Is it just me or does Paradise appear to be overly carnal? I doubt any deity would be so focused on a carnal Paradise. That to me is more a man-made place of pleasure. I would have thought it was right up Muhammad’s alley. We shall always have radicals because martyrdom is so compelling for them.

If they do not make martyrs of themselves then they have to recite verses of the Quran in classical Arabic to Allah and hope they know enough. Remember also that only 10% of Muslims speak Arabic so it becomes a great deal more difficult for the non-Arab speaking Muslims. Of course, we are told repeatedly that they only make up a small percentage of all Muslims and this is fairly true, if 22 million world wide is a small number

The next group is not quite so small and is a group which the media and the politicians are not quite as focused on but who by their beliefs are just as dangerous, in the long run, as the radicals. These are the fundamentalists or Muhammadans, who widely believe in the caliphate and adhere to the Sharia. These are a more insidious group as they want to take over the west by democratic means. They call it Hijra. It is where they pretend to be “moderate” until their numbers are large enough to come out. We are no longer talking 1-1 1/2% as with the radicals but 30-40% of all Muslims or at least 600,000,000 worldwide. Your apologists fit into this group.

You know, as Tonto says, Muslim speak with forked tongue. To give you a true idea of what the Sharia involves, please read the following: Beheadings – Stonings – Hangings – Crucifixions – Honor killings Genocide – Burning infidels alive – Supremacy and global domination – Warfare/conquest – -Beatings -Torture – Limb amputations – Genital mutilation – Death to apostates – Forced conversion Slavery – Sex slavery and rape – Misogyny/sexism – Women enslavement – Wife beating – Child marriage/rape -Brutality against homosexuals – Censorship – Dictatorship – Bigotry and hatred – Robbery and pillage – Extortion of nonbelievers – Persecution and/or death for blasphemy/atheism – Animal cruelty – Prohibition of music/singing – Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities Etc., ad nauseam

Now Muslims would argue that this is not what the sharia is at all and they will put up seven lovey dovey expressions of what they want you and I to believe the Sharia is. I say to them which Quran are the terrorists and radicals reading and which Quran are they reading as they are obviously reading different books. They have no answer to that one. All you have to do is go to Surah 4.89 to see what they are on about and have a look at Islamic countries to get a better idea of which form of the Sharia is imposed. “They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.” surah 4.89

These people want to impose this rubbish all over Europe. Don’t worry about the nice Muslims they say and do nothing except occasionally play the victim. As Brigitte Gabriel says, “The silent majority are worthless. Where were they during the Nazis, Soviets, Japanese in the 1930s, the Chinese etc and so on. They were nowhere. They were just that the silent majority. The same applies today. Until the liberal left wake up and see they are being manipulated and used by these Muhammadans nothing will change until it explodes into civil war. That result is definitive. That is what happened in Lebanon and it will happen in Europe.

Look at Sweden – 80% of the police are looking to resign. The EU has to come out and say the Barcelona Declaration was a mistake and Draconian rules have to be implemented in the short term to reverse this problem. Equally, everybody has to be aware of Islamic deceit. It has got to the stage with me, I do not believe anything that comes out of their mouths. This is because they are either very ignorant or they are being deceitful.

For all you infidels, kafirs etc etc there are four words in the Islamic text you should be aware of. These words all refer to deceit in various forms in Islam. They are (1)taqiyya (Shia) and (2)Muda’rat (Sunni) which are the tactical forms of deceit for spreading Islam. This is going on all of the time. Then we have (3) tawriya, which is deceit by ambiguity. (4) Kitman which is deceit by omission. (5)Taysir which is deceit through facilitation. (6)Darura is deceit through necessity (doing something haram). (7)Maruna is the temporary suspension of the Sharia by Muslims in the West to make them look moderate. (8)Hudna is the temporary truce which the Muslim might make but which can be broken at a moment’s notice. (9)hijra which is Muslim immigration to peacefully occupy and then take over a kafir country. My advice is look up the meaning of these words and that will give you a better idea of what you are dealing with.

I have only given you a brief overview. To give you an example of “kitman”. How often do we hear Islamic apologists telling us that jihad is nothing but an internal struggle while the rest of the world sees what these so called people immersed in “inner struggle” are actually doing when given half a chance. We even have these naive politicians that tell us it is an inner struggle and that terrorism is not indicative of the true Islam. Bullshit Theresa May.

In the Quran it uses jihad and its derivatives 59 times. Of these, only 16 or 27% could be considered “internal” with no object as target of the struggle based on the context of the surah. So you know what to say the next time a Muslim tells you the “true meaning” of jihad.

What we need in the West is an action plan to deal with the radicals and the fundamentalists. I put this forward for discussion. So what do we do?

Point 1. Declassify this ideology for what it is. Take away its religious entitlements under the Act by saying it is no longer a recognised religion

Point 2. Close down all mosques and physically remove them from the landscape. They did it in Angola so there is no reason why we cannot do it. Mosques are the first step in implementing the Sharia and in radicalising young Muslims.

Point 3. All people under suspicion of being radicals should be rounded up and deported straight away. You would save 12 billion pound a year in the UK alone. They are starting to do it in the UK as they have stand by jets sitting there waiting to move these people on. Jets will not solve the problem long term.

Point 4. Segregate all gaols. There are so many Muslims in gaol at present that I would stick them all in the one institution. Maybe we will not see the forced conversions we are now seeing. Once their sentences are over get rid of them.

Point 5 Identify the fundamentalists or Muhammadans in the crowd by asking them two questions. a) Do you think the Sharia should supersede manmade secular laws? b) Do you believe in the world caliphate? If they say YES to either question they are incompatible with western culture – so round them up and put them in a holding environment until it is time to repatriate them to Turkey. Another question might be, Are you an Australian Muslim or a Muslim Australian? If they give the second choice then deport them as they are not going to integrate.

Point 6. Once you have a sizeable number of Fundamentalist Muslims march them from Europe, and the UK, to Turkey. Army can do that. As they are Muslims, a Muslim country has to take them in. What they do with them after that is up to them and that delightful Islamic Bloc in the United Nations. Some might suggest that this was what actually happened in in Myanmar. They were not going to have a separate independent Islamic state being set up in their country so they marched them out to the nearest Islamic country – Bangladesh. The country where they probably came from illegally in the first place.

Point 7 Bull doze the United Nations as they are a major part of the problem. This institution is simply a tool for both the Islamic Bloc and the Globalists.

Point 8 Arrest and charge all these politicians who allowed this to happen; who invited these Islamists into our countries; and who betrayed the people of their own countries. They should be charged with treason.

Remember, Angel Merkel only allowed this to go on for economic reasons without any consideration for the social ramifications. Not only were the economic reasons lost in the hailstorm of outgoing social benefits, these people are told not to assimilate. It says it in the Quran. Go back to the old Surah 4.89 it says it there. No wonder they form No Go Zones.

Now saying all I have said, you cannot blame all Muslims. Many of them want to live normal lives. Many of them have never read the Quran and put their own liberal interpretation on what their religion is all about. When you tell them about what the Quran says, they do not want to listen. To them it is all metaphors and poetry. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Can you reform the Quran? Not really as to change the text is to change God’s word and they are not going to put up with that. I hope this helps in some way.”

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