Anti-Trump Rally in Beverly Hills: Costumes, F-Bombs, and a Mexican Flag

Anti-Trump Rally in Beverly Hills: Costumes, F-Bombs, and a Mexican Flag | Breitbart

Elite-owned media does not have to lie to send propaganda. Failure to give all the facts is also a way to indoctrinate people. Beware the elites and the media they own that wants to force millions of invaders upon you and the USA. We, the People are in an ongoing class war with powerful traitors in our midst possessing the most wealth, power and tools. Beware tyranny. The Founders warned us of these fiends.


Any USA citizen supporting or assisting invading illegal alien barbarians must be charged and tried as an accessory to EVERY crime committed by EVERY illegal alien criminal. Those many thousands of charges ensures sentences to those citizen traitors of life without parole in HARD LABOR camps.

Read the comment section at the bottom for impressions from folks across the USA about the leftists/illegals/traitors the elite-owned media loves too much. Beware the traitors in our midst, citizens. The USA is in the throes of social, class and social war. Pick your side and dig in your heels because things ARE going to get much worse. Fateful years ahead.

Real classy folks protesting against Trump and wanting the USA invaded by massive numbers of foreigners. Imagine the primitive, juvenile minds doing that protesting. Easily manipulated by their betters who control the propaganda systems. Logic and rationality are assuredly elusive qualities for those protestors who appear to operate at an emotional level… the way babies and toddlers do.


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