Myanmar Steps Up Campaign Against Rohingya By Bulldozing Villages

Myanmar Steps Up Campaign Against Rohingya By Bulldozing Villages: Report

Myanmar’s government appears to be intensifying its campaign to oust the Rohingya Muslim minority by permanently destroying the area they’ve inhabited for generations and building new infrastructure in its place…

Will Europe have to do the same decades from now when the entrenched Moslem horde continues their atrocities against the cultures, societies countries and people they invaded? It would be laudable for Myanmar to use humanitarian methods of removing a blight from their land.


This article makes no mention of the many comments made by non-Moslems in the south-east Asia area who have told of the travesties committed by Moslems against their non-Moslem neighbors. Do a Web search about these horrors if curious. The elite-owned Western media striving to divide and conquer the masses of common folks down-play the horrors I mention but the Buddhist monk interviewed by a non-major media awhile back told of terrors going on in once-peaceful Thailand entirely brought on by the resident Moslem minority against the “infidels” those barbarians despise.

General humanitarian moralistic principles lead me to desiring handing these affairs in a peaceful gentle manner. I fear that too many of the Moslem horde view kindness and gentleness as a weakness and will attack anything they disagree with.

Is Myanmar making the right choice? There are likely ample Moslems who would respond with lethal violence and revel in the hacking off heads with a knife and proudly displaying their trophy. Europe… people of the West… act now before the barbarians are embedded in you akin to the rabies virus devouring a body, leading it to eternal finality.

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