WARMINGTON: UOIT campus posters aim to shame straight, white, Christian men?

ARMINGTON: UOIT campus posters aim to shame straight, white, Christian men? | Toronto Sun


The comment section reveals the well-indoctrinated politically correct bleating sheep spewing the crap implanted within their feeble minds by elite-owned systems such as education, various media and the entertainment industry.  The free-thinkers able to discern the propaganda/indoctrination for what it is reply in the ways the non-brainwashed are wont to do.

“Multiculturalism and diversity is code word for white genocide,” says one commenter. Could that possible be true or even partially accurate?

Who created the cultures, societies and countries that folks from across the 2nd- and 3rd-world strive to enter? Why can’t those folks create THEIR OWN successful cultures, societies and countries? Who are the filthy scum trying to bring the White folks down to their loser level of existence?

Maybe the Western folks of the world should prepare for war to preserve what we have created.


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