Yvette Felarca at Court Today – The Defense & the Media Lie & Mislead Again

Long video but an important one.


The elite-owned media will scream endlessly at the mere hint of “alt-right” or anything that does not support the politically correct agenda. However… well… the link below leads to Google search results offering many links that tell a tale about Yvette:


Tiny URL is a handy Web site offering. It will take a long URL and shorten it to what you see above.


Making over a billion long URLs usable! Serving billions of redirects per month.

The link above leads to their site. I recommend bookmarking it so it is easy to find if you need it.

Be aware of groups such as BAMN: By Any Means Necessary.

Here is there main Web site:  BAMN

8. BAMN will employ whatever means are necessary to oppose and defeat these attacks on the democratic and egalitarian aspirations and struggles of our people.

If you are curious the Web is full of reporting about BAMN and the antics of those within the group.

Who Funds BAMN?

Antifa is another bunch of people who make themselves newsworthy in a way that many folks look askance at.

Antifa (United States)

That’s enough for now. Please assist in spreading the word about these groups and the people within. The elite-owned anti-common folks of the USA media ignores these at-times savages.


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