‘Racist’ principal bars black history lessons at Bronx school

“She’s racist,” said English teacher Mercedes Liriano, 45, who’s worked at the school, where 95% of students are black and Hispanic, for more than a decade. “She’s trying to stop us from teaching our students about their own culture.”

‘Racist’ principal bars black history lessons at Bronx school – NY Daily News

Everything is racist. Nothing else can be a root cause. Definitely can not be a sub-par culture that is incapable of producing productive people from the mores and manners they are inculcated with while being raised in their particular culture.

I found the link to this news story at a message board where one of the commenters stated: “Maybe the principal wants them to nail down the basics before being taught “Their history”? Is that considered racist?” A link to a school grading site is eye-opening:

Great Schools Ps Is 224

This school is rated below average in school quality compared to other schools in the state. Students here perform below average on state tests, are making below average year-over-year academic improvement, and this school has below average results in how well it’s serving disadvantaged students.

Test scores at this school fall far below the state average. This suggests that students at this school are likely not performing at grade level.

Math         4% proficient   State avg: 34%
English   12% proficient   State avg: 37%

Very concerning:
Students at this school are making far less academic progress given where they were last year, compared to similar students in the state.

Very low progress with low test scores means students are starting at a low point and falling even farther behind their peers.

Hispanic   73%
Black         24%
White        2%
American Indian/Alaska Native  1%

So which culture shall we indoctrinate kids with… youth who are not learning the needed skills that will allow obtaining a job that pays more than a minimal wage that may force them to engage in illegal activities to garner the wealth required to cover living costs; or to keep them off the dole where taxpayers support yet another generation of slackers.

Maybe those folks in those areas where test scores are abysmal, crime rates are high and welfare recipients fill the tenements should consider emulating the Asian cultures from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. Those folks excel in educational attainment and fill the ranks of academia and go onward to fill positions critical to the country and pay very well. The Asians, as a group, also tend to have the lowest crime rates among all the races and ethnicities.

To conclude this post I declare:

Diversity and multiculturalism is destroying the USA.

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