Jay Z speaks at Trayvon Martin peace walk in Miami Gardens

Of Trayvon, Jay-Z said: “His name will sit alongside the greats whom lost their lives to push our culture forward — the Martin Luther Kings, the Gandhis. That’s the intention we set so his name will serve as a beacon of light and hope to push our culture forward in a better direction.”

Jay Z speaks at Trayvon Martin peace walk in Miami Gardens | Miami Herald

Admiring a thug who pounded a man’s head upon a cement sidewalk. Sick culture at work.

Well, it seems the more evidence that comes out in this case, the more it becomes likely that the drive-by media may be exactly 180 degrees off in their initial knee-jerk, race-baiting, reporting on this case.

By the way, for the mainstream media: Not only is George Zimmerman half latino, his grandfather was black, which makes him more black, than Elizabeth Warren is Indian.



Trayvon Martin Had THC in System On Night of Shooting

Evidence appears to indicate that Saint Trayvon chose to attack Zimmerman. Trayvon made a choice, a bad choice. Trayvon could have done a multitude of other actions. He chose one that led to his death.

What kind of culture admires Trayvon? If the culture revering Trayvon was the only culture inside of a country what kind of country would it be? Would it be the kind of place you would clamor to enter?





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