Welfare for refugees — my, how the U.S. taxpayer does pay

Taxpayers in the United States are shelling out a reported $867 million each year to support refugees who’ve been resettled in this country. In the overall federal budgeting scheme, that’s maybe small

Welfare for refugees — my, how the U.S. taxpayer does pay – Washington Times

After five years, American taxpayers will have spent about $8.8 billion on resettling foreign refugees. How about mention of the incoming foreigners who commit crimes of all types… crimes that would never have happened inside the USA if traitors had not used taxpayer money to force those unwanted foreigners upon us. And no mention of the foreigners or their children who maim and murder Americans simply for being infidels or returning overseas to assist with Islamic causes that too often result in American deaths or the deaths of other Westerners.

There is no excuse for these USA citizens traitors for spitting upon We, the People as they do every day of the year. The travesties must end!!!

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