Последний бой пилота Су-25

In the comments the solidarity of Western people confronting Islamic expansion is obvious. Western leaders better heed the people’s demand to fight off barbarians.

From a message board within the USA:

New footage apparently depicting the pilot’s last moments has surfaced on an Arab-language YouTube channel called IDLIB+. In the footage, a pack of terrorists can be seen advancing on what appears to be the pilot, later identified as Major Roman Philipov (pictured below).

As the militants surround the pilot, a man’s voice can be heard shouting in Russian “This is for the boys!” followed by a bang and a column of smoke is seen rising from behind the rock. It’s not clear whether any militants were killed or wounded in the blast.

The Russian Department of Defense later confirmed that the officer fought with the militants until the last minute, according to the statement. “After the militants surrounded the heavily-wounded Philipov, he waited till they approached and detonated a grenade”, according to RT.

Philipov was reportedly an experienced pilot who had successfully fulfilled dozens of military tasks in Syria, including eliminating terrorist groups and escorting humanitarian convoys to liberated areas.

Below is the link to the message board. Do not go there if you are a politically correct pussy cupcake due to the warriors present at the site. Weenie-boys and SJWs will surely be offended there and require years of therapy to recover… if they ever do.

Pilot Of Downed Russian Su-25 Detonated Grenade As Terrorists Advanced


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