The Downside of Diversity

The downside of diversity – The Boston Globe

Diversity & multiculturalism is destroying the USA


The perversions must stop somewhere. Take a stand, patriots. Tyrannical moneyed interests that own and operate the media, government, corporations and the systems of command and control within the USA have declared class war against We, the People.

Wealth must not control the USA. Too many elites, politicians and others have sold their soul for wealth. The majority of common folks must stand strong or fall into an abyss including the foul elites and their lackeys that leads to the ultimate death of the Founder’s creation. Tyrants are selling out now for power and wealth and their greed blinds them to the ultimate destruction awaiting all of us!!!

I am agnostic but shared morality created the USA and kept us strong until the perversions of the past few decades have eroded life quality inside the once United States. We, the People have been purposefully divided into many bickering, contentious groups that assists the few with lording over the many. Excess diversity and multiculturalism allows tyrants to rule and enslave the masses of common folks.

How do we stop this madness?


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