Rampaging Raping Illegal Alien Filth

Detectives say Alarcon-Nunez would search for parties and solicit rides as an Uber driver, targeting intoxicated women. Police say he would then drive the women to their homes, assault them, and steal property from them, including cell phones, computers, and jewelry. Investigators say he would collect payment through Venmo to disguise his identity and his Uber records.

The DA’s Office says he has been identified as an undocumented immigrant. The DA’s Office adds he was voluntarily deported from New Mexico back in 2005.

Read the comment section at the bottom of the linked-to page. The traitor politicians refusing to heed our cries while extending billions of dollars of our tax dollars to assist illegals in many ways and to apprehend and incarcerate the many barbarian criminal illegal alien scum preying upon We, the People is TREASON!!!

When will the traitors among us face a military tribunal to determine guilt?


Hillary Mexican Flag


















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