If an actual wall is impractical build a virtual wall using well-trained well-armed USA citizens to patrol the border and to escort invaders out of the USA wherever they are found inside the USA.

Invading barbarians who rape, molest, murder and other horrors must hang in public.

Use electronic verification to weed out illegals during the hiring process. Employers that knowingly hire illegals and it is proven with 1,000% absolute certainty should be sent to hard labor camps for many years with all their assets seized and used to hunt down more illegals and those who assist them.

USA citizen politicians creating and/or assisting illegal alien invaders via sanctuary cities and other methods must face military tribunals charged with treason and aiding and abetting every crime that every illegal alien inside the USA has committed. If found guilty the charge is so serious that the only possible sentence would be seizure of all assets and a lifetime spent at hard labor under military jurisdiction.

The USA is being invaded and traitors within are assisting the invading barbarians. ENOUGH!!! We, the People must declare WAR and end this nonsense!!!

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