Sentencing arguments for Quebec City mosque shooter to begin today

Sentencing arguments for Quebec City mosque shooter to begin today |

Is this merely payback for the innumerable murders Moslem invaders have committed against Western people? Should the guy be considered a hero and instead of being tried in a court be lauded as a hero and an example all Western warriors should follow? With tyrannical filth in power in the West we are forced to remain complacent sheep as the invaders murder us and rape our women and children. Has the time come for all Western people to rise up and remove those evil tyrants in our midst and muster our military might to remove the invaders and prevent more of the filthy beasts from entering Western lands?

Nearly 70 Per Cent of Italians Back Salvini’s Stand Against EU on Migrant Ferries

Almost 60 percent of Italians say it was right to shut their ports to ships transporting illegal migrants from Africa, and 68 percent say populist interior minister Matteo Salvini was correct to stand up to the EU on the issue.

Nearly 70 Per Cent of Italians Back Salvini’s Stand Against EU on Migrant Ferries | Breitbart

Europe, emulate Italy. Defy the tyrants among you!!!! End the ongoing invasion forced upon you by Western scum who are using the invading barbarians to enslave you!!! Prepare for total war if that is required to save our beloved Western values, cultures, societies and countries. Even save our lives due to so many of the invading filth murdering and raping and molesting our children. Death before dishonor!!!

Tom Kawczynski – Maine Town Manager Fired For Political Views

Tyrants and traitors are forcing barbarians from foreign lands upon the USA and all Western countries. The alien hordes possess cultures not compatible with our Western ways of life. Fight the evil hordes; the foreign filth forced upon us at our cost and the traitors inside our own countries. Western people, cultures, societies and countries have a right to self-existence.

Note that China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many other countries are not expected to dilute themselves with alien foreign invading outside barbarians. It is the West that is targeted with the barbarian armies. What choice do we have but to resort to military action to oust the barbarians already spitting upon us in our own countries, prevent more barbarians from entering and arresting the traitors in our midst and place them in front of military tribunals for judgment. Please, no hanging if guilty. Hard labor under military control is a good punishment. Make the traitors sweat and finally perform useful functions.

REPORT: Britain’s New Muslim Home Secretary Sajid Javid Behind Tommy Robinson Transfer to Dangerous Prison

Paul Joseph Watson reported earlier Wednesday that Tommy Robinson had been moved to a maximum security prison with a 71% Muslim population. This may certainly be a death sentence for Tommy. Inmates were banging on the cell walls shouting death threats–an Imam placed a hit on Tommy

REPORT: Britain’s New Muslim Home Secretary Sajid Javid Behind Tommy Robinson Transfer to Dangerous Prison – Blunt Force Truth

If that man is murdered in prison I would shout with joy if all NATO forces… except for Moslem-owned Britain… was to invade and target with EXTREME PREJUDICE every Moslem inside those prisons and apprehend every British politician and bureaucrat assisting the Islamic invasion.

The West is in a war for survival. Lets get the ball rolling and solve this horrid problem brought on by invading barbarians and the Western traitors assisting the invaders.


Crackdown on ‘political Islam’: Austrian chancellor receives death threats after closing mosques

NATO must muster its forces and oust the invading barbarians and prevent more from entering. Do that then round up the traitors within and if found guilty of treason to the West sentence them to hard labor under military supervision. The common folks of the West have been spit upon for too long!!!